Giants Peanut Allergy-Friendly Games

Recently we were privileged to witness the power of sports transcend athletics and work to educate the public regarding the dangers of food allergies. This summer we attended two “peanut allergy-friendly” games hosted by the San Francisco Giants which aimed to raise food allergy awareness as well as ensure the safety and comfort of fans with peanut allergies. During the Giants’ home games on June 23rd and July 30th, a section of AT&T Park was roped off and designated a peanut allergy-friendly zone; a location in which peanuts were prohibited from being possessed or consumed. In addition to the focus on food allergy awareness during the June 23rd game, the Foundation was honored to be featured in the Giants’ Community Spotlight. It was a powerful experience to see multitudes of Natalie’s friends and family come out and support the Giants in both peanut allergy-friendly games. We were able to see the immediate positive repercussions of these games when families with peanut allergies could safely visit the ballpark and thoroughly enjoy America’s favorite pastime without the threat of peanut allergies. We wholeheartedly look forward to participating in more of these games in the future. We would also like to extend a great thanks to the San Francisco Giants. Their use of the power of sports to bring about public good is admirable.

photo 2 (2)
The peanut allergy-friendly section of the ballpark